Classroom Activities & Workshops 

Due to the pandemic, we are not booking any group discovery areas. Limited Capacity, No Late Entry, etc.

Science City on the Road

Science City wants to be a part of your community or company event with our interactive and educational science programs. These demonstrations stimulate interest and teach basic science concepts. Instead of coming to the science center, our educators will travel to you.

How it Works

Program Options

Science City on the Road offers two types of programs:


Classroom Workshops

Perfect for classroom-sized groups up to 30 participants.


Recommended for Grade Levels 3 – 12

Make a simple robot that creates art by combining electronic components and art materials. Participants will gain an understanding of basic electrical circuits and engineering as they design, create, and tweak their robots. Participants get to take home their ArtBot at the end of the class.

Robot Adventures

Recommended for Grade Levels 1 – 8

Participants will get to see first-hand how parts like motors and pulleys can work together to interact and move


Large Audience Workshops

walk-up workshops for large come-and-go events

Make It / Take It Activities

Recommended for all ages. Timeframe: 45 minutes

Eewy Goo – Basic chemical reactions become a fun toy
Hoop Gliders – Explore the physics of flight
Planispheres – Make your own star map
Thaumatropes – Design your own optical illusion

Stage Shows

Recommended for all ages. Timeframe: 45 minutes

Stage Shows are fun and engaging presentations that last approximately 45 minutes with an extended Q & A. Please visit Stage Shows for additional details.

Tabletop Demonstrations

Recommended for large events that have a come-and-go concept – job fairs, convocations, etc. Timeframe: up to 2 hours.

Tabletop Demonstrations include a Science City Educator presenting an interactive demonstration to fit your theme providing the scientific explanation and other assistance for groups and individuals to walk-up and observe or participate.

Every Which Wave – How can one see sound? What’s the difference between sound and light waves? We’ll shake things up as we explore standing vibrations, frequency, resonance, and the shape of waves.
Fun Chemistry – Participate in cool chemical reactions. See, touch and hear what happens when everyday household ingredients get together.
Static Charge – What materials store electric charge? Can electricity be conducted through people? Using a Van de Graaff generator watch your hair stand on end and see crispy cereal dance


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