Stage Shows at Science City

Due to the pandemic, we are not booking any group discovery areas. Limited Capacity, No Late Entry, etc.

Science City on the Road

Science City wants to be a part of your community or company event with our interactive and educational science programs. These demonstrations stimulate interest and teach basic science concepts. Along with our traditional Stage Shows, we also offer virtual options, including a pre-recorded stage show or a live stage show facilitated by an educator.

How it Works

Types of Stage Shows

Stage Shows

Stage Shows are fun and engaging presentations that last approximately 45 minutes with an extended Q & A.

Recommended for assembly or auditorium setting. 

These are also available for virtual bookings.

Flames, Smoke, & Sizzle

Recommended for Grade Levels 3+

Learn about the science of combustion in a super-hot, enlightening demonstration. Observe the effect of heat on different substances in these controlled explosions. We emphasize important fire and safety practices. Available as a virtual program.

Force & Motion

Recommended for Grade Levels K+

Explore the often invisible yet amazing forces of physics! The concepts of gravity, centripetal force, energy, and collisions are explained using bouncing basketballs and spinning wheels. Available as a virtual program.

Radical Reactions

Recommended for Grade Levels 3+

What is happening during chemical and physical reactions? Properties of everyday materials are the reasons you’ll see some extraordinary results. Available as a virtual program.

Under Pressure

Recommended for Grade Levels K+

How much power is available from the air? What can we do with it? How do extreme temperatures affect air density? What do we mean by atmospheric pressure? Available as a virtual program.

Volts & Jolts

Recommended for Grade Levels 1+

We illuminate electricity in a series of shocking experiments! Explore electrons and protons as the Van de Graaff generator creates volts of hair-raising excitement. Experience the power of static electricity!


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