Amazing Brain

The largest and newest exhibit in Science City, this 2,800-square-foot exhibit explores the body’s command center — where it forms memories, feels emotions, learns new things and so much more.

Designed to exercise the 3-pound organ in your head, The Amazing Brain contains 14 unique exhibit pieces, including:

  • Ready, Set, Recall is a colorful, fast-paced demonstration of your brain calling your memory network into action. Alone or with a group, see how well you can follow a racing pattern of lights and sounds until you make a mistake or win.
  • Balance Me tests the teamwork between your brain and body. How long can you stay on an unsteady platform before you lose your balance?
  • The Nose Knows sniffs through a library of different scents and tests how well your brain interprets the smells, from a rose to a skunk.
  • Mindball challenges your ability to relax your way to victory. The billions of neurons in your brain talk to each other through electrical pulses — brain waves that are measured in this exhibit with a technology called EEG (electroencephalography) feedback.
  • Lie Detector tests your partner to see if you can fool or will be fooled. But watch out — your brain may release cortisol when you lie, leading to physical reactions like sweating and a rapid heartbeat.