Maker Studio

The Maker Studio offers the opportunity to not only observe but also interact with different methods and materials of Making.

From two-dimensional to three-dimensional, traditional methods to cutting edge technologies, using things from the junk box to innovative new materials, guests who visit the Maker Studio will experience taking their ideas and bringing them to life.

Open activities:
11AM – 4PM M-SA, 1PM-4PM SU

Daily Maker workshop for guests 8 & older at 2:30PM
Mini Maker activities for guests 7 & under Thursdays at 11:30-12:30 Thursdays

During open activities enjoy tinkering with different maker tools and materials at your own pace. Make something out of recycled materials, check out a maker kit with step-by-step instructions for your maker project or learn new skills by making something in one of our six lab areas: The Fiber Lab, Fabrication Lab, CNC Lab, Digital Lab, Electronics Lab and 3d Printing Lab.

Join us for an educator lead maker workshop every afternoon. These workshops focus on one maker skill; like building circuits or casting plastics Workshops average at approx. 30 minutes. We do request that there are no late entries.

Our mini maker activities on Thursday mornings are designed for guests 7 and under. Our maker educators will walk you through an activity that will hone your basic maker skills; like using brass brads to make a puppet or turning flat paper into a 3d object to make a game piece.

Follow what’s going on in the Maker Studio at our blog: